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These are SAGS Client 0.4 screenshots.

PNG Image 37.0 KiB
PNG Image 29.7 KiB
Version 0.4.0 running on Windows XP
Showing chat window

These are SAGS Client 0.3 screenshots.

PNG Image 36.6 KiB
PNG Image 17.9 KiB
Running on Fedora Core 2
Version 0.3.4 running on Windows 98

These are SAGS Client 0.2 screenshots.

PNG Image 31.4 KiB
JPG Image 93 KiB
Running on Fedora Core 2
Running on Windows 98

Also there are two screenshots of a preliminary version of SAGS Client (with a preliminary name too).

PNG Image 78 KiB
PNG Image 241 KiB

The first image shows the client running on Fedora Core 1, and the second shows the win32 version.

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